We love these unique quilted potholders in leaf shape with assorted handwoven fabrics.  Perfect to brighten up any kitchen!


10″ x 7.5″


Ganesh Himal's artisan parter, The Association of Craft Producers (ACP), is a fair trade organization that provides design, marketing, management, and technical services to low income, predominantly women, Nepalese craft producers. Meera Bhatterai, founded ACP in 1984, with a vision to help women gain social mobility by creating a market where they would not be exploited. Today, women from 15 districts in Nepal have the resources and opportunity to utilize their talent as artisans, become more financially independent, and gain more credibility in their communities.


Learn more about Ganesh Himal Trading's Non-Profit, Conscious Connections Foundation: https://ganeshhimaltrading.com/theconsciousconnectionsfoundation/


Made in Nepal

Quilted Leaf Potholder