These recycled glass bracelets are a fair trade product handmade in Kenya. They are handcrafted from brass and recycled glass that was melted in a kiln.


Size may vary based on the length of the brass charm. Beads are strung on elastic that has a very small amount of give.


Venture Imports cares about the artisan’s families and are against child labor. But more than just that, they want all children to be able to get an education and to have time to play! The artisans they partner with are able to work from home, or they can bring their children to the cooperative to play while their mothers work. All of the artisan partner’s children are in school—something which is not always the case in a community where school fees are often prohibitive to many parents. Venture Imports intentionally seek to work with those who are under-represented in their fields, particularly women. They value their many talents and their hard work. The artisans are fairly compensated and they are given interest free loans so they don’t have to borrow from predatory lenders. The artisans are able to work in a safe environment and are treated with dignity.


Made in Kenya

Recycled Glass Bracelets