Hip and trendy shoulder bag made from colorful woven recycled silk, creating wonderful color variations. A fringed flap covers the main pocket. Fully lined inside with a zipped pocket.


9 x 11


At the center of Ganesh Himal Trading’s operations in Nepal is Chunta Nepali. Younger sister to Pemala Lama and dear friend of owners Denise and Ric, Chunta has taken it upon herself to involve numerous family-run groups in the Ganesh Himal family so that they too can benefit from the economic stability of Fair Trade. 


In her own words:

“Your continuous work has made the workers able to plan their future better and has been able to involve more women to work who otherwise would be sitting home…We all think Ganesh Himal has been a true fair trade importer bringing changes for the better in so many peoples lives through new product ideas, patience in dealing with all our problems and ever empathizing manner.  I always feel so grateful to be working with you.”


Learn more about Ganesh Himal Trading's Non-Profit, Conscious Connections Foundation: https://ganeshhimaltrading.com/theconsciousconnectionsfoundation/


Made in Nepal

Recycled Silk Purse w/ Fringe

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