Small Gyari weave cotton backpack with a drawstring closure is perfect for a day hike, a trip to the market or a walk around town.


One 6 x 7 double zippered pocket on the outside and one zippered pocket inside. Fully lined with adjustable straps. Flap over top toggles closed.


This product is made by Ganesh Himal artisan parter, Stupa Trading Tailors.  Since 1984 GH has worked together with Pema-la and Namgyal as families, friends and business associates to develop businesses that work to benefit all involved. As Stupa Trading grew, Pema-la needed to bring other tailors and knitters in to help fill orders. She worked side by side with people who had never been given adequate economic opportunity, to help create meaningful and profitable work. One example, of many- being Durba Pariyar, who was no longer able to support his family through his small sewing shop. Pema-la asked him to become her master tailor and taught him cutting and patterning. When he wanted to provide work to young men in his village she brought those young men to Kathmandu and taught them to sew. When they had all worked together as a good team she set up a profit sharing plan so that as the business grew they would all benefit. This profit sharing plan gave them all a voice in the decision making process and a percentage of the profits. It was the first example of its kind in the Kathmandu Valley. When the Maoists came into Kathmandu during the early 2000’s demanding that workshops be closed because owners were not present, Pema-la’s group told them they couldn’t close their workshop because they were all owners. Their workshop was one of the few that was allowed to remain open in the Kathmandu Valley. Pema-la manages 15 tailors in Kathmandu. Each employee is paid on a per piece basis and she pays 50% higher than regular tailor’s wages. Free lodging and electricity is available for the producers near the workshop if needed. They receive a one hour break for lunch, afternoon tea with snack are provided daily, and they can work for paid overtime if they choose. They are given a one month extra salary for a holiday bonus and are paid medical leave. Many of the tailors have worked with Pema-la for 10-15 years.


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Made in Nepal


Small Gyari Cotton Backpack