A strand of dyed tagua nut slices is complemented by a layer of acai beads and bronze glass seed beads on a necklace of knotted nylon. Sustainably harvested from palm-like trees in South America, tagua nuts are easy to shape and color and safer for makers than many synthetic materials.


  • Dyed tagua nut, acai beads, glass seed bead on nylon thread
  • Adjustable 14L-32L inches
  • Knot closure


Ten Thousand Villages artisan partner, Camari, works to confront the problem of marketing agricultural and handicraft products on behalf of several hundred peasant groups. Camari unites people, works to ensure they receive stable, fair income and enables them to carry on family traditions of working the land, as well as preserving indigenous culture through the creation of traditional crafts.


Made in Ecuador

Tropical Retreat Necklace